OpenPalette's Game of Life

Conway's game of life - looks like you can't do canvas!

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What is this?

This is an OpenPalette implementation of Conway's Game of Life. It's an old zero-player game which means that after initialization you won't have any control over the game.

First initialization of the cells are determined by your OpenPalette NFT.

How is the initial state of the game being determined?

It uses the NFTs hexadecimal color codes. Color codes are turning into "xyxyxy" format. I don't know how can explain this without an example so here we go; As you can see the chart is 16x16. That's because a color code can have 16 different characters. If you have dd44ff color code, it will fill cells 13:13, 4:4 and 16:16. First one is horizontal column and second one is the vertical row.

Is it open source?

Yes, it is. This project is created by basicallydan and forked by UnioDex. You can find the fork on GitHub.

Why some palettes don't do anything?

Since palette numbers are random, they might have some unlucky numbers that immediately results as death. Sorry, I couldn't find any creative solution for it :/